I’ve been doing Leez Priory Wedding Photography since 2001, at every time of year, in every type of weather! This perfect blue-sky summer morning in July, I photographed Sophie & Stafford’s July Leez Priory wedding!

With Leez Priory Wedding Photography, indeed, at any venue, I use a very discrete photography style. I like to take plenty of photographs that show the true atmosphere. Of course, I want to leave the bride and groom and guests to enjoy the wedding day without feeling like the photographer is taking over. Rest assured that I know what the important photos are that I must step in and arrange. I also know exactly when to take a step back and become as invisible as I can again!

Photography on arrival at Leez Priory

The first thing I do when I arrive at any wedding is to photograph around the grounds and set the scene. I want my wedding photography to tell a story of the day, with Leez Priory looking glorious in the sunshine, the grounds changing throughout the year with colourful flowerbeds and beautifully manicured striped lawns!

Leez Priory Wedding Photography starts with photos around the beautiful grounds

Leez Priory Photography Before The Wedding

After that my next call is on the bride and her bridesmaids. I make sure I visit the girls early on, to make sure I get photographs that show a little of their preparations, plus details of the wedding dress, shoes, bride’s bouquet, etc. With everyone getting ready at Leez Priory it is very easy for me to cover both the girls’ and the guys’ getting ready by myself. I can easily pop back to see them from time to time to see how ready they are for my photography.

With the front of Leez Priory in full sun, I chose the inner courtyard door for photographs of the groomsmen. Photos work great framed with archways, and these beautiful carved Tudor wooden doors are mighty impressive. As always, I start arranging a photo with the most relaxed arrangement, not at all posed. I then make the photo a little more posed perhaps, small suggestions like where to turn or put hands. Small touches that I know will improve a photograph, but not make the subject feel uncomfortable!

Photography of the Groom with his Groomsmen, against a gorgeous carved wooden door at Leez Priory

Photography during the Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony took Place in Leez Priory’s Great Hall. I know from over fifteen year’s experience just how much better a photograph is when it’s well lit. I do sometimes use a flash during a wedding ceremony if I know the photos will be far better. Photographs in low light require camera settings that make the photos grainy, I much prefer photos that look bright and clear. Of course, I know how to be discrete, so don’t take more photographs than necessary. I’m often told by clients that they didn’t even notice the photography during the wedding ceremony!

Photography during the wedding ceremony in Leez Priory’s Great Hall

Photography After the Wedding Ceremony

Straight from a wedding ceremony, I think it important to leave the families to meet and greet the happy couple! This is a lovely opportunity for casual photography! Happy faces, lovely emotions and the grounds at Leez Priory will make up these photographs.

Only after I’ve felt like the bride and groom have spent time with guests will I step in, and ask if they’re happy to start arranging the formal group wedding photos. These groups don’t need to take all day, perhaps only 15 minutes. It depends on how many photographs are on the list. At a typical wedding, the group photos cover the following; Parents, Siblings, plus partners, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, then a large group of each side of each family and one of everyone. This list of close and important guests I’ll have on me when I attend any wedding. 

It’s very important that no important family members are missed from the group photographs, and a much larger list is no problem! Just bear in mind that more time may be needed to complete a long list. This will likely leave less time for casual wedding photography.

Leez Priory looking colourful in Summer Wedding Photographs

Romantic Leez Priory Wedding Photography

It’s after the group photographs, I usually take the bride and groom away for wedding photos in the grounds at Leez Priory. It’s nice to get a feeling of peace and quiet at this point! After so many years doing Leez Priory Wedding Photography, I tend to have a set route to take clients on. My route around the grounds may alter from time to time. I may concentrate on a different area if the lighting is different. Or not photograph them in an area of Leez Priory’s grounds if the ground is unsuitable. (I’d rather not drag a white wedding dress around paths to the back of Leez Priory’s lake on a damp day for example)

As you can See from Sophie & Stafford’s Leez Priory wedding photography, it’s important not to make a photo feel posed. Certainly, a lot of the photographs are arranged; I will always choose a location where I know it will make a great photograph! Perhaps the background, or the architecture at Leez Priory. Perhaps the lighting is great there, or perhaps the background. Things that frame a photo such as archways. Or backgrounds with perhaps sunlight speckling on leaves can make a very pleasing photograph.

Relaxed feeling Leez Priory wedding photography with happy couple, texture of brick and stone, and lovely speckly ‘bokeh’ behind

Off Camera Flash for Dramatic Wedding Photography

I also like to use Off-camera lighting at times when photographing a wedding. It’s so bright at summer weddings I won’t do this much, but I keep my eye out for photo opportunities that could look dramatic lit a certain way!  I adore the texture of the front doorway at Leez Priory for example,  lit from above the bride and groom. This photo I actually recreate in daylight, providing the sun has moved around the building a little!

Off-Camera Flash used to light the bride and groom from above, to bring out the texture of brick and wood of Leez Priory’s doorway. Taken in daylight to feel like a night-time photograph! 
A little drama created with Off-camera flash to light the bride and groom from behind

What follows is a large set of photo highlights, so you can see the way the story of the wedding day was told in photos. Enjoy!

This set of 97 images is just a handful of the 700+ wedding photos Sophie & Stafford were supplied in the full set! Most wedding photography packages include all images on a USB without copyright restrictions, to print or share as you wish. For more info please browse my website.

Ben Brown, Wedding Photographer for Lavenham Photographic Studio has been recommended by Leez Priory for over 17 years! This means there is a close relationship between Ben and venue staff, helping the day run smoothly. Also, this experience means I know the best locations for wedding photographs in all kinds of weather, lighting and times of year.

More Information about Leez Priory can be seen here: www.leez-priory.co.uk

Visit my availability page to see if Iā€™m available to photograph your wedding.

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