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You can see examples of my wedding photography from venues all across Suffolk & Essex in these portfolio galleries.

Of course, as I photograph an entire wedding day, many styles lend themselves to different times of the day. I photograph details, casual moments, atmospheric shots and a few of the traditional groups. What you see here only touches upon the photographic coverage from a whole wedding.

A very dramatic wedding photograph - the bright orange colour inside the cart lodge at Moreves barn. photographed with off-camera flashOut-of-focus elements giving a more candid feel to the photographOne of my trademark shots using off camera flash to replicate the look of an overhead streetlightWafting the bride's veil!An ovewrhead group photograph in the shape of a heartWalking photographs are always my favourites!Black and white wedding photography. One of the long corridors at Gosfield HallVery relaxed feeling wedding photograph at a quiet corner of the grounds at Gosfield Hall Simple, classic symetry in black and white, at the towerA sparkler-exit at Leez PrioryGorgeous sunset at Gosfield Hall! Bride and groom strike a pose. Lit with off-camera lighting setupBride and groom photographed having a quiet moment by one of the stag statues at Gosfield Hall. Casual, relaxed wedding photographyWedding ring detail photo, sitting on hessian and lace detailing of bouquetWedding photo with blue sky and fluffy cloudsOff-camera lighting and strong reflection make for a striking photo at Woodhall ManorThe wonderful carved details in one of the old doors at Leez Priory are just perfect for sitting wedding rings in for a detail photograph. Especially good when the wedding rings have this much detail!Wedding photography by the stone urn at Gosfield. Adding soft, out-of-focus edges to photos can create a nice look!Bride finishing her drink!
The ride from the church to the reception was quite short on this wedding, so the bride had to finish her drink quickly, made for a very fun photo!The bride and groom, both professional ballroom dancers, dance partners and teachers strike a pose for me at the staircase at Gosfield HallUsing out-of focus elements to bring your eye to the sharpness of the main subject of the photoEveryone enjoying the first dance at Alpheton Hall BarnTender moment between newlyweds. Relaxed wedding photography at Gosfield HallBride and Groom walking the grounds at Gosfield Hall, with stag statue behind. The bride's veil blowing gently in the wind.Veil blowing in an 'S' shape. The classic 'walking away and looking back' wedding photograph, made all the better by the wind blowing the veil into a lovely 'S' shape!Striking reflection over one of the lakes at Leez PrioryBridesmaids photobomb a photo from the top of the stairs at Gosfield Hall!Evening photo of the groomsmen with cigars, their smoke picked out by off-camera flash lightingDramatic big blue sky at Gosfield!The gate to the back lake at Leez Priory has something of a 'secret garden' feel to itBride, with her bridesmaids. This photo shows off the bridesmaids dress colours and the hairdo's of the girlsA very relaxed pose at Granary Estates, the bride laughing as she hangs on the groom's shoulderA tender moment, in a golden field of wheat, on the walk back to Gosfield Hall from the Church ceremonyLavender in bloom at Leez Priory's towerLeez Priory's striking front, with big blue sky and fluffy cloudsA night time photo at Leez Priory with candles and floodlightsOne of the ancient carvings in a doorway at leez Priory is such a nice spot to nestle the wedding rings for a detail photograph!Black and white wedding photograph at the South face at Gosfield HallDramatic evening sunset photo with bride's veil flying in the wind. This shot was created with the help of an off-camera flash, balanced carefully to show the sunset and light the bride and groom well.The groom and groomsmen!I love how the I managed to get the church into the frame, to show what the subject is looking at, and really telling more of a story from one imageFraming a photograph in a doorway of arched window is always effective! Even better with three arches!Sunset at Gosfield Hall wedding, with bride and groom silhouettedBlue sky framed by archway with bride and groom having a quiet momentMoving the bride's veil through the photo for nice out-of-focus elementsWedding Rings on Military Sword
It's nice to find different places to photograph the wedding rings, this military sword was very appropriate as it was the sword the groom carried as part of his military dress uniform.Walking through Leez Priory's main arched doorwayBeautiful pink sunset framed with archway, off-camera flash bringing out the white edges to enhance it furtherThe south face of Gosfield Hall with early evening low sun bringing out the textureHengrave Hall Church Photography
A Back-lit shot like this has a really striking look to it, but I also love including architectural details of settings like this, the church at Hengrave Hall. I find it really pleasing how nicely the stone texture comes across.Framing a wedding photo through leavesLovely red-brick textures and green leafyness. A really relaxed and happy wedding photoGroomsmen sit within the LOVE marquee letters in the ground at the Channels estateBride and groom, walking in the grounds at Gosfield HallGreat blue sky, meadow and lake. This photo really has a relaxed, timeless feel to it!Night time photo at the famous Blue Doors at Gosfield HallDouble-Exposure Photography. This is a striking image created using one heavily silhouetted image of the bride and groom and another of the tree-line at Gosfield. I think this one works particularly well with the bride's fur bolero!A Happy Bride and Groom at Leez PrioryStriking reflection of Woodhall Manor. I love this low angle over the water at Woodhall Manor, getting as long as I can to show as much of the building in the reflection as I can.Framing a wedding photograph through the treesA night time wedding photograph, the bride and groom in front of Leez Priory, lit by off-camera flashSweeping the bride's veil through the photo gives it a feel of motionRelaxed, informal wedding photographyCasual wedding photography at Leez Priory's towerThe front of Leez Priory is so distinctive!A lovely time of the day, when the sun is going down, but the sky is still very blue! Off camera flash, and dramatic framing with the bride and groom low int he frame to enhance thew feeling of a big sky!Classic and simple, no fancy camera angles, posing or tricks. Just a gorgeous location!This photo is a great way of showing the ring details, with a background of the wedding suit's colours. An added bonus in this example is the heart-shape made by the shade falling on the hands!Using Off-camera flash to bring out texturesDramatic sunset at Leez Priory, lit with off-camera flash to save the bride and groom from being silhouettesHuge Redwood tree at Gosfield Hall with bride and groom looking off-camera

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