The following covers the questions we are most frequently asked by our couples. If you would like clarification on any of these points, or have any further questions please contact us. We appreciate the importance of finding the right photographer for your wedding and are always happy to chat to make sure Lavenham Photographic is the best fit for you.

Who will be taking our photos on the day?

All images you can see on this website, all album designs, even the website design itself, are all Ben’s work. It is very important to stress that you won’t be supplied a different photographer on your wedding day. If it’s Ben’s work you’ve seen, Ben you’ve spoken to and Ben you’ve paid your deposit to, it’s Ben who you’ve decided to attend your wedding and to take the photographs. After many years building up its reputation Ben Brown trades as the company name Lavenham Photographic. Should Ben be unavailable due to extreme circumstance he’ll always find a photographer to work in his place, though this would only be for a very good reason!

Do we need to meet the photographer before the wedding?

Many people find it important to meet their photographer in person. Ben is more than happy to meet up in person to show his work and talk through his approach to covering the event. His work can be seen on his website, Blog pages, and Facebook page, so that it’s becoming increasingly common for people to have a look online and simply have a good chat by phone. It is really up to you.

Feel free to call to discuss on 01787 828 359.

When does the photographic coverage Start / End?

Coverage of most weddings will begin with preparation photography of the bride (and the groom, if local enough/ at the same venue; if not logistically possible then the bride’s prep will be followed by photos of the groom before the ceremony) So photographic coverage usually starts 90 minutes to two hours before ceremony time. If no preparation photos are required then photography typically starts one hour before ceremony.
With the Half-Day packages coverage finishes at the point everybody sits down to eat at the wedding breakfast. For the All-Day and Platinum options coverage ends at the first dance, usually at around 8pm.

Do I need to supply a list of photos I require?

Ben usually takes the typical family line-ups without a list being provided. Standard shots include the bride and groom with parents, siblings, ushers and best man, bridesmaids. Ben will then check whether further photographs of each side of the family are needed, before taking a large overhead group photo of all the guests with the bride and groom, either from an upstairs window, or using a monopod technique, lifting the camera into the air for everyone to look up to! Ben will always ask if there are any important people to be included, or if any further formal group photographs are required, of groups of friends etc. although these are often nicer to take in a less formal setting.

What style is your photography?

Ben will take photos of many aspects of the wedding, some arranged, some natural. He works throughout the day, taking advantage of the way the light changes to capture the best aspects of your chosen venue and as many of your memorable moments as possible. Many photographs may be arranged, but hopefully few will feel ‘posed’, certainly not so as make the photo feel staged. As Ben circulates the reception, he takes a mixture of Styles; The most informal photos are candid, faces in the crowd or approaching small groups to turn and smile for very informal (yet atmospheric) photos. Ben’s style changes as the day requires, to capture the individuality of each wedding. The atmosphere, any strong characters amongst the wedding party and the guests, and even the smaller design details which have often been put together with such care.

What equipment do you use on the day?

Ben carries Nikon cameras and only the finest quality lenses. Nikon z6ii Mirrorless camera bodies are the current cameras used for weddings. We won’t compromise on quality, finding nothing more pleasing than a sharp, beautifully lit and composed photograph. We want every image supplied to you to be of the highest quality.

Alongside the Nikkor S 70-200mm f/2.8 and 24-70 f/2.8 and 50mm f/1.8 Z-Mount lenses, Sigma Art 50mm f/1.4, Nikkor S 14-30mm f/4 and Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 (that Ben carries at all times at a wedding) he also carries a range of backup camera bodies and lenses in his kit. Carrying two cameras, ready with two different lenses; wide and telephoto, any photo opportunity can be captured at a moment’s notice.

Some photographs are taken using only natural light, some with on-camera flash, and some with off-camera flash. (See Ben’s blog post on this, using creative off-camera lighting techniques to enhance ‘flat’ days or fading light). Ben’s style has developed such that any use of on-camera flash should always appear as natural lighting. Bouncing the flash from a wall or ceiling, to cast light in a very natural way.

How much deposit is required to secure the booking?

A deposit of £250 is taken to confirm a booking. This is non-refundable. However, if a wedding date is moved, I will hope to move to your new date without charges, if I’m available.

When does the remaining balance become due?

Any remaining balance is due around a month from the wedding date. This is the point when we like to get in contact to make a note of the finer details about the wedding. These notes Ben will work from on the day.

How many images will be on the disk / in the final selection?

Most Full-day weddings can expect around 500-700 images in their final selection, (Often well over 500) after editing. Half-day weddings and smaller functions with fewer guests may of course have fewer images.

What Image file format, sizes will be supplied?

Images are taken in RAW format. They are edited and converted to JPG, the format that I keep on file for archival purposes, that I print from and produce albums from. Images are supplied in all photography packages, close to their original resolution, around 24MP

Will these photos be ‘edited’

This question is asked a lot. Images come from the camera in a RAW format, and are ‘developed’ in software to ensure perfect exposure etc, before being exported as JPG. ‘Photoshopping’ won’t be done to large numbers of files. Usually, small blemishes can be removed on photos that will be included in your album. All supplied photos will have been closely checked before being supplied to the client.

Will there be any copyright restrictions to the images?

You are free to use the images in any way you like, after you have purchased the image files, whether on USB or downloaded from your wedding gallery. You can print, copy share or email them as you wish. Extra copies of the custom wooden USB stick for £99.95 (In full resolution up to 24 Megapixel).

What sizes and types of albums do you supply?

The most popular albums are the modern digital albums, we call them Picturebook Albums. These are available in A4 and larger, 35x25cm size. (these are the closed-page sizes; pages open to twice this).

These albums are beautifully produced, on board pages, with continuous photographs right across the page fold. A4 is the standard size included in most packages and the size upgrade is £100. Standard albums are 30 pages (15 double-page spreads), and hold 90-100 images comfortably. Pages can be added for a cost. Standard covers are a photo behind acrylic, Upgraded albums will be bound in real leather and can have either a hard-wearing photo printed directly on the cover, or full leather with names and date embossed.

Do you include drone photography?

Drone photography may sometimes be included among the final set of wedding photographs. This is always in accordance with laws and under the ‘A2 Certificate of Competency’ rules and guidance (“A2 CofC”). In the case of drone photography there may be more times when aerial photos are not possible due to precipitation or strong winds, or when the location is close to a built-up area, so drone photography is never guaranteed. Drone Flights in accordance with CAA rules and UK laws cannot take place in Flight Restriction Zones (FRZ), close to airports and usual in the centre of cities, and will adhere to NOTAMs. Usually I don’t use ‘stock’ images in a set of wedding photographs, but aerial photos of a venue may have to be taken on another occasion.

Do I need to provide food for the photographer on the day?

Any All-Day wedding coverage package, where the photographer will be staying throughout the meal, will require some form of meal to be provided. Half-Day wedding coverage will not.

Are photos available to view online after the wedding?

We upload your photographs to our website after the wedding (if you wish), so your guests can order photographs online without any inconvenience to you. These can be password protected too if you wish, so only guests from your wedding can see them.

What Insurance do you hold?

I hold full liability insurance as any professional photographer should. Beware part-time photographers who may not!

GDPR and Your Data

Lavenham Photographic only ever sends out group emails under circumstanses where you’ve ask to be updated, for example notifications that a wedding gallery has gone online to view, or where you’ve asked a third party listying site, such as ukbride to let photographers contact you. We never hold email addresses for future marketing, or sell on your details. If you’d like to be kept up to date with future news, simply follow my social media pages.

Is there a contract to sign?

There’s no contract to sign upon booking, however reading these Frequently Asked Questions is recommended, as well as my Terms and Conditions

Any Other Questions, just ask and I’ll be happy to help!




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