Bride and groom at Swan Hotel, walking, night photo with remote lighting

•-PREVIEW-COVER-160115Natalie & Sam’s wedding at the Swan Hotel in Lavenham fell on a beautiful crisp January day. The ceremony wasn’t until 4:30, so I just knew any daylight shots I’d get would be early and the rest would be indoors or creatively lit outdoor shots. So I made sure to pack my remote lighting kit (It’s with me every day anyway!) and set it up in advance so it would be at hand when we needed it. 160115 NB&SW 005 160115 NB&SW 013 160115 NB&SW 016

Photographs of Natalie’s prep weren’t required, so I ensured I photographed all I could around the Swan, including Sam with his family.

160115 NB&SW 026 160115 NB&SW 029 160115 NB&SW 037

Bridal portraits usually outnumber groom’s portraits but this time the girls didn’t want any, so I took photos of Sam in a couple of spots, my favourite though (as is often the way) was a completely candid photo.

160115 NB&SW 044


The wedding bands are usually something I take a macro photo of, but wow! Natalie’s wedding band is like none I’ve seen before! Definitely worthy of a nice macro closeup!

160115 NB&SW 054 160115 NB&SW 087

These wedding ceremony photos came out beautifully! I try to work without a flash if possible, but if the photo will look great with a flash, and not come out too well without it, then I’ll opt to use flash. Afterall these are once in a lifetime important moments, so I’d rather capture it all great! Here I’m bouncing the flash straight off to the right hand side, the resulting light looks nice, diffused by the whole right hand side of the room. You’ll never catch me pointing my flash straight at the subject!

160115 NB&SW 104 160115 NB&SW 121 160115 NB&SW 129 160115 NB&SW 130


On our way back to the lounge I knew we passed the garden, so I’d already set my lighting up before the ceremony so it would be waiting for us. There was a light drizzle, so we didn’t stay long, but it was decided to get the confetti photos quick, then all get back to the lounge for drinks. Here I’ve got a remote speedlight nice and high on a stand to my left, and a second light on a low stand off to the right. This second light I always adds a certain something.

160115 NB&SW 160

After a good while leaving everyone to enjoy the day and mingle (time I spend photographing everyone casually) I took Natalie & Sam for more photos in the grounds. Gone are the days  I used to curse the nights creeping in. Nowadays I get excited that I’m going to get these sorts of results! Photos with this lighting usually have a lot more presence and depth, shapes, certainly fabrics have more texture, and the whole thing is far more 3D than a typical photo.

160115 NB&SW 259 160115 NB&SW 269

This next photo really shows the benefit of the second light I like to use behind the subject. It acts as a ‘rim-light’ or ‘hair-light’ and you can see here, against a dark background, it really brings the subject out from the background!160115 NB&SW 275 160115 NB&SW 277

Any walking photo would be what I regard as the most unposed wedding photo possible, here using the remote lighting I think it has a unique look. Even on a bright daytime wedding, thefew  nighttime shots I may manage to get would usually stand out as my favourites from the day.160115 NB&SW 279 160115 NB&SW 289


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