Lesley & John’s wedding at Dove barn was a great occasion to photograph! The style of Lesley’s dress, the flowers, the  choice of the groom’s and groomsmens’ suits and green ties were a lovely look.220613 slide 002

Lesley and the girls were getting ready just around the corner at Groton Manor Farm, so I started my shoot there, starting with details of the dress, shoes etc and capturing the events in a mixture of candid and more arranged styles.220613 slide 006 220613 slide 008 copy 220613 slide 013 copy

I love shots like this that capture laughter220613 slide 018 copy

Lovely natural light here from a window to the side really brings out the texture of the lace in Lesley’s dress220613 slide 022

The softness of the flowers photographed against a hard brick texture, brings a nice contrast. The short depth of field against the bush behind bringing out the subject from the background.  220613 slide 029 220613 slide 030 copy 220613 slide 031 copyThis casual shot to me stands out as even better than the arranged photo looking towards the camera. It’s nice to look for these moments as an aside to the arranged ones.

220613 slide 032 220613 slide 034 220613 slide 036 220613 slide 043 220613 slide 047I thought this angle looked really pretty for a backdrop for the bridesmaids photos before the wedding ceremony- the short depth of field on the distant pink bush has  lovely romantic country look.220613 slide 053 220613 slide 066 220613 slide 070 220613 slide 072 220613 slide 074 220613 slide 076 220613 slide 079 220613 slide 087

Dove Barn is a lovely bright space for weddings, meaning I can usually shoot without flash, however if I do need to use flash, I bounce it off a hugh ceiling, like this shot here of the bride & groom coming down the aisle – the lighting is so natural you’d assume it was natural light.
220613 slide 091 220613 slide 135 220613 slide 139 220613 slide 142

I go through a range of styles of photography, often more posed or arranged shots, but always starting with the very un-posed. Certainly a photo of the bride & groom walking  is the most un-posed photo possible.220613 slide 144 220613 slide 145 220613 slide 146 220613 slide 147The long path at Dove Barn, lined with trees is great for the natural, walking photos.220613 slide 152 220613 slide 153 220613 slide 156 220613 slide 157

To show the circular bush at its best here, I got the camera into an elevated position using a remote trigger and the camera on a monopod.220613 slide 158 220613 slide 160 220613 slide 163 220613 slide 166

The details of the wedding breakfast setup are always photographed before everyone enters the room. Great table centrepieces here – Every table a different SuperMario character!220613 slide 167 220613 slide 169 220613 slide 170

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