Charlotte & Nathan originally booked me as their wedding photographer for their wedding at Haughley Park Barn in Suffolk. However the government placed coronavirus restrictions to guest numbers at weddings, therefore they decided to move their main wedding reception and party at Haughley Park Barn to next Summer. They chose to carry on with their wedding ceremony, on their original date, despite coronavirus restrictions. Charlotte & Nate chose their local church in Woolpit, Suffolk and had a guest-list of just their very closest family and friends.

This made for a wonderfully intimate occasion, and one I was very happy to be a part of!

Preparation Photographs

I started my photography, as I usually do, with some photos of the Bride’s preparations.

Charlotte’s parents house was the location for not only her morning preparations, but also the small family gathering they’d hold after the church service. My photography of the preparations also show the goings-on in the house and marquee in the buildup to the wedding.

Hand Sanitiser gel, wrapped with a ribbon as a wedding table decoration
Wedding dress hanging in front of large windows

Photography on Arrival at the church

Groom with best man, wearing facemasks at wedding with covd-19 coronavirus restrictions

This wedding was taking place during a time when the government had emposed COVID-19 Coronavirus restrictions on weddings. Everyone inside the church, with the exception of the bride and groom, and the bride’s father, had to wear facemasks at all times inside the church. I made sure to take photographs showing the facemasks. It’s certainly (hopefully) quite a unique circumstance we find ourselves in with protection we are giving ourselves from coronavirus, and I want to document the situation and all the unique situations it gives us. So masked photos were taken for a bit of fun, but plenty (most) photos I took without them!

Groom and groomsmen before the wedding ceremony

Wedding Detail Photographs

Wedding rings photographed with detailed box
Wedding Rings detail photographed as they drop into the hands of the groom

Photographing the arrival of the bride at church

Bride arrives at church in a red convertable Mini
Bridal party walk to church wearing coronavirus facemasks
Bride arrives at church with her father

Photography During Church Wedding Ceremony, with Coronavirus Restrictions

Wide photo of the church wedding ceremony taking place
Bride and groom share a look during a reading

Of course attending a wedding during the government’s 2020 Coronavirus Restrictions I myself wore a facemask for the entire ceremony. As well of course, as the videographer, and of course all of the wedding guests!

Wedding guests wearing facemasks during ceremony
Wedding Guests during ceremony wearing facemasks
Closer photograph during the wedding ceremony as rings are exchanged

After the Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Dress Detail photograph
Bride and groom embrace
Confetti gets thrown as the bride and groom leave the church

Photography Walking Home from Church

Bride and groom stroll home from the wedding at church
Stopping at a cute house for some photos on the walk home
Big blue sky above the bride and groom in the Suffolk countryside

Back Home for a Family Gathering

Wedding photographs at home in the garden

A number of the close family were already in the same ‘bubble’ so were happy to stand together for photographs. However I had an idea for a photograph that I knew could help us. I knew I could stand people a safe distance from each other, keeping bubbles separate, and yet create a photo where they did appear to stand together. As you can see in the following photos, the different bubbles can actually be made to appear close, by shooting the group photograph with a very long lens from as far away as possible!

Covid Bubbles in group photos
This photograph created using a long lens to reduce the appearance of distance between bubbles
Covid Bubbles in group photos
The different groups of ‘Bubbles’ at the wedding actually standing apart, despite appearing to stand together when photographed with a long lens

What follows is a larger selection of images, giving a give impression of exactly what Charlotte & Nate received from me. Their full set of wedding photos from the preparation, church service and a short time at the home reception finished at about 600 images!

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