Gosfield Hall Wedding Photography. Bride and groom walk in the evening sun at Gosfield Hall

It was a wonderful sunny May day for Becky & James’ Gosfield Hall Wedding Photography. The whole day was a real dream to photograph! I start my wedding photography by photographing around Gosfield Hall, photographing the grounds, including a drone photography (That works particularly well at Gosfield in the lovely green Essex Countryside!) and setup photos inside the wedding venue. Then I pay a visit to the groom’s and the bride’s preparations. Becky & James’ full set of wedding photographs contain tons of photos of wedding guests mingling, enjoying their day and relaxing, though when it comes to a set of highlight photos at Gosfield Hall, I tend to focus more on the photography of the bride and groom.

To see entire weddings and a true representation of the photos that are taken throughout a wedding, do visit my Client Galleries where wedding photographs stay for at least 3 months from the wedding date for guests to view.

After photographing the buildup to the Gosfield Hall Wedding ceremony in a mixture of candid and more formal styles, I took up position to take photos during the ceremony itself. These photos are of course once-in-a-lifetime moments so it’s very special to be able to capture these moments forever. I’m always ready with a camera looking for looks between the bride and groom, closeups  of wedding rings going on fingers, parents, wedding party and guests looking on. All without being disruptive to the wedding ceremony at all.

The moments just after a wedding ceremony are a great time for the newlyweds to spent time with their wedding guests. The bride especially won’t have seen the wedding guests yet, so this isn’t a time for me to try and take the bride and groom away from their guests. In fact, this is the best time for me to photograph lots of the candid, atmospheric photographs of the bride and groom, their families and their friends, without them being too aware of the camera. This always keeps the bride and groom relaxed and enjoying their day, without feeling they are being rushed or needed for anything. Once I’ve left everyone mingling for long enough I’ll pull the bride and groom, wedding party and close family aside, and knock off most of the arranged group photos, as efficiently as possible. I’m happy to take as many group photographs as my clients requires, but typically I work through my usual set of photos that covers the closest group photos in the least time we can.

After gathering the group photos, it’s nice then to take the bride and groom for a walk around the venue, to feel like they can appreciate some quiet time away from the guests! Gosfield Hall has a limitless number of gorgeous wedding photography locations, so I have a route planned to take them on, that covers all my favourite locations in the least time possible. It’s really important to any client to get a great set of wedding photographs at Gosfield Hall, but it’s also important for me to not take the bride and groom away from their wedding guests too, so I work efficiently and take a lot of relaxed, walking photographs as we move from one location around Gosfield Hall to another, never making them feel rushed, but capturing a great number of lovely photos. I pride myself on the relaxed and comfortable style of my wedding photography. Great clients like this, the fantastic locations for Gosfield Hall Wedding Photography, and paired with a gorgeous late spring day, the photos that Becky & James received were just wonderful, and I hope they are as happy with them as I am!

These images are just a handful of the full set of images Becky & James received from their wedding photos. My wedding photography packages all include the supply of all images on a USB without copyright restrictions, so they can be printed or shared as you wish. For more info please browse my website.

Ben Brown, Wedding Photographer for Lavenham Photographic has been recommended by Gosfield Hall for over fifteen years! This means there is a close relationship between Ben and venue staff, helping the day run smoothly. Also, this experience means the best locations for the best wedding photographs are easily found in all kinds of weather, lighting and times of year.

More Information about Gosfield Hall can be seen here: www.gosfield-hall.co.uk/ To see if I’m available to photograph your wedding, please visit my Availability page.

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