Recommended by Top Venues

Ben is on the recommended suppliers list of many of the finest wedding venues throughout Suffolk & Essex. Examples of his photography at many of these venues can be seen on this site, and a list of venues which he is experienced in shooting at is provided below. But this list is by no means exhaustive, and Ben is happy to photograph at any venue of your choice.

Gosfield Hall

Gosfield, Essex     Visit Website
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The palatial Gosfield Hall, in Gosfield, between Braintree and Sudbury in Essex, has recommended Lavenham since it opened for weddings in 2005

Leez Priory

Ford End, nr Chelmsford, Essex     Visit Website
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Lavenham Photographic has been recommended by Leez Priory for around 20 years. Leez Priory was the first venue in the country to be awarded a wedding licence outside of a registry office. I met my wife here, and got married here myself, so you'd struggle to find a photographer who know's Leez as well as I do!

The Swan at Lavenham

Lavenham, nr Sudbury, Suffolk     Visit Website
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The picturesque Swan Hotel in Lavenham is a perfect venue for larger, or more intimate weddings. It's not uncommon to photograph weddings with 30, or even 10 guests at the Swan!

Dove Barn

Groton, nr Sudbury, Suffolk     Visit Website
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The Fennes Estate

Bocking, nr Braintree, Essex     Visit Website
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From classically styled lounges, lawns for that garden-party atmosphere, and that bridge, the Fennes has a lot to offer your wedding photos

Smeetham Hall Barn

Bulmer, nr Sudbury, Suffolk     Visit Website
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Hedingham Castle

only a few minutes from my home!     Visit Website
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Moreves Barn

Great Waldingfield, nr Sudbury, Suffolk     Visit Website
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Woodhall Manor

Woodbridge, nr Ipswich     Visit Website
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Woodhall Manor has amazing settings from a photographer's viewpoint, an immaculately restored manor house, perfectly kept grounds, and a fully kitted-out modern bar and dance area for the evening

Hengrave Hall

nr Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk     Visit Website
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More examples of entire weddings can be seen under 'view photos', though many of these will password-protected. We appreciate the importance of finding the right photographer for your wedding and are always happy to chat to make sure Lavenham Photographic is the best fit for you.