Recommended Gosfield Hall Wedding Photographer

Recommended Gosfield Hall Wedding Photographer

Ben Brown, Wedding Photographer for Lavenham Photographic Studio has been recommended by Gosfield Hall in Essex for around 15 years! There is a close relationship between Ben and staff, which helps the wedding day run smoothly. Also, this wealth of experience means the best locations for the best wedding photographs are easily found. All kinds of weather, lighting and times of the year create varied sets of wedding photographs.

As a recommended Gosfield Hall Wedding Photographer, Ben has a favourite set of positions around the grounds of Gosfield Hall. Though no two weddings are the same, there will always be little differences. Lighting, weather and certainly the way people interact with each other will always make a difference from one wedding to another.

Experience helps knowing where to photograph next, or where would look great at a certain time or with certain lighting. These things certainly help get the best photographs without taking too long, or missing photos that would look particularly great!

A Variety of Styles of Photography

Weddings are photographed in a variety of styles, being invisible and discrete as possible for a lot of the time, but knowing when to step in and arrange something not to be missed! Knowing how to be invisible, but also knowing how to take command and arrange a large group of people when needed is something often complimented on!

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Gosfield Hall Wedding Album Demo
Bride and Groom with Car Under Arch, Gosfield
It's always great to have a way to frame an image, as with the archway here, even better with the wedding car in shot and a gorgeous blue sky!Bride and groom photographed having a quiet moment by one of the stag statues at Gosfield Hall. Casual, relaxed wedding photographyBride with golden doorway, Gosfield Hall, Essex
The Rococco Suite at Gosfield Hall has many amazing backdrops. It's golden coloured doorways with huge windows and natural light are great for bridal portraits.Framing a photograph in a doorway of arched window is always effective! Even better with three arches!Wedding photography by the stone urn at Gosfield. Adding soft, out-of-focus edges to photos can create a nice look!Beautiful pink sunset framed with archway, off-camera flash bringing out the white edges to enhance it furtherThe bride and groom, both professional ballroom dancers, dance partners and teachers strike a pose for me at the staircase at Gosfield HallTender moment between newlyweds. Relaxed wedding photography at Gosfield HallBlue sky framed by archway with bride and groom having a quiet momentVery relaxed feeling wedding photograph at a quiet corner of the grounds at Gosfield Hall Fun jumping photo
This jumping photo is fun, but the way the fabric of the bridesmaids dresses folds and waves in the wind made it all the better!Dramatic big blue sky at Gosfield!Night time photo at the famous Blue Doors at Gosfield HallEvening photo of the groomsmen with cigars, their smoke picked out by off-camera flash lightingBridesmaids photobomb a photo from the top of the stairs at Gosfield Hall!Dress Hanging in Rococco Suite
This is one of my favourite preparation shots at Gosfield, shot from a low angle to really enhance the shape of the dressBlack and white wedding photograph at the South face at Gosfield HallBride and Groom walking the grounds at Gosfield Hall, with stag statue behind. The bride's veil blowing gently in the wind.Bride and Groom with Car Under Arch, Gosfield
It's always great to have a way to frame an image, as with the archway here, even better witha gorgeous blue sky!Bride and groom, walking in the grounds at Gosfield HallSunset at Gosfield Hall wedding, with bride and groom silhouettedThe south face of Gosfield Hall with early evening low sun bringing out the textureGorgeous sunset at Gosfield Hall! Bride and groom strike a pose. Lit with off-camera lighting setupHuge Redwood tree at Gosfield Hall with bride and groom looking off-cameraWedding Cake, Gosfield Hall
I love to frame photographs by shooting through things, on this occasion there were some fairy lights to photograph throughBlack and white wedding photography. One of the long corridors at Gosfield Hall

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