Sarah & Lee’s August wedding had a purple theme. Hence I went and hunted down a matching colour in a plant that grows by the side of the bridge! I decided I’d make use of this flower later on!


As always I began my photography by setting the scene with photographs around the grounds and of the bridal preparations

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A shot like this is always lovely, the focus has to be on the lashes, or the photo just doesn’t work!


Over to the church and a photo of the groom and his groomsmen in position at the top of the aisle. The top of the aisle is always a setting with rich colours to set up a photo.


Sarah, as she arrives by car at the church.


I always try and find ways to frame the photo. Here, the pew decorations, of matching purple colour, help tie-in the colour scheme.


When I saw this doorway I knew I had to use it for some photos. It works best cropped upright like this. Bouncing my flash across from the side wall really brings out the pattern.

240813slide108 240813slide121

Back at the Fennes and a light drizzle does nothing to dampen the spirits! Sarah and Lee are both happy to continue getting photos in the grounds, ans I was so glad they were as we got some really lovely results!

240813slide127 240813slide128

In my humble opinion, an umbrella is a great prop anyway, so a light drizzle is just a good excuse to use another prop in the wedding photos!


We made great use of the purple flowers, and umbrella,240813slide133

And braved the weather for a few photos without the umbrella!

240813slide137 240813slide138

The photos are so sharp that in full-resulotion you can see raindrops frozen in mid-air! But the lighting I have to say, was perfect, Sarah and Lee did a great job of not looking damp!240813slide140 240813slide144 240813slide150

A great personalised wedding cake!

240813slide151Sarah & Lee