Hylands House framed through the trees

Morning of the wedding, Hylands House photographed through the autumn leaves

Wedding ceremony room, details of ceiling and chandelier

The Wedding Ceremony room, with historic ceiling

Brides Wedding Dress hanging in the window

Brides Dress hanging in the window

The wedding rings, in the hands of the Best Man

The wedding rings, in the hands of the Best Man

Groom & Best Man Before Ceremony

The groom and his son, the Best man, standing at the front of Hylands House

The Groom, adusting his cufflinks, before the wedding Ceremony

The Groom, Before the Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony Room

The grand Ceremony Room at Hylands House, during the Wedding Ceremony

Bride & groom with dramatic curved window

Bride & Groom just after ceremony – lovely room, bu t I knew it would be full of guests for the rest of the day, so I made sure to get them in there right away!

Bride & grrom seated

This is a huge tall mirror in the back lounge, with a rather elegant sofa in front of it. Being a mirror, I actually had to hide myself just behind the Rod so I’m not in my shot! Lit with a remote light on a stand for a more dramatic look.

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Bride & groom standing within huge pillars at Hylands House

The day was a bit damp, so I started with photos keeping Maria & Rod under cover! Remote light here, hidden from view behind a pillar.

Bride & groom wooden door, Hylands House

Maria & Rod walking, doorway behind. Walking photos are one of the most casual ‘poses’

Bride & Groom leaning against opposite pillars

Walking in front of Hylands House

A walking shot against the impressive frontage at Hylands House

Wedding photo with umbrella

I always carry an umbrella as part of the kit in my boot! I think an umbrella is a great prop for wedding photos!

Bride & Groom photographed from above from staircase

A staircase, a wedding dress, and chequerboard tiling, is just asking for an overhead photo!

Groom kissing Bride, from above

Asking Rod to give Maria a kiss here is a nice way of creating fun expressions. I like the composition of this photo, the gilt edges of the banisters out of focus across the top

Wedding photo leaning on banister

Impressive details are everywhere at Hylands House. Usually you’ll find gold like these banisters are actually gold leaf, not paint!

Dining Room set up for wedding breakfast, Hylands hosue

Another impressive room, and one that really photographs well! The Banqueting Suite, full of rich colours

Orchids encased in ice as table centrpieces

Everyone was impressed by the table centrepieces – orchids encased in ice! They actually got clearer and clearer as the outer surface gently melted and by the end of the meal the clarity was very striking!

Night time outdoor wedding photo

Evening photo in front of the house, using a remote light, to create interesting lighting from one side. Enhanced further by the DJ’s purple lighting in side!


Lavenham Photographic, Wedding Photography at Hylands House, Chelmsford, Essex