Eva & Mark's Wedding aT op Meadow Golf CLub, Photographed by Lavenham Photographic

Eva & Mark’s wedding photography started with preparation photos of the bride and bridesmaids at home. Eva was wearing a personalised dressing gown, and was drinking from a personalised cup with her future married name on it. The Bride looking at her dres hanging up, photographed in her personaised bride dressing gown

I always photograph all the small details, so I find somewhere nice to arrange the wedding shoes with the bouquetThe bridal shoes with bouquet

Photographs in the mirror are great, short depth of field defocusing the foreground and emphasising the sharpness of the bride’s face.Thje bride photographed in the mirror adjusting her wedding dress The bride photographed in a full-length mirror

A blank section of wall makes a great photo, with the bride ofset to one side (known as a ‘rule of thirds’ composition)Photography of the bride against a blank wall looking over her shoulder, using rule of thirds composition Photography of the bride against a blank wall smiling to camera, using rule of thirds composition

Finding interesting ways of framing a photograph can be fun, here shooting through the banisters of the staircasePhotograph of bride with bridesmaids in different colour pastel shades of dress, composed by framing the photograph through banisters of the staircase

The brides’s shoes are often not seen on the day, yet I know a lot of thought goes into them, so i make sure I photograph them.The Bride's shoes

The bridesmaids each wore a different pastel colour, pink, blue and yellow.

Te bride with her bridesmaids each in  different pastel shades of dress, pink, blue and yellow

A portrait of the groom, taken with a fast prime lens, f1.8 to really make the background blur, particularly areas where light creates blobs!Portrait of the groom waiting in church. leaning on a pew

The groom with his groomsmen, in front of the church doorway before the wedding ceremony.The groom photographed with his groomsmen, in the church doorway

The shiney new wedding rings, photographed against a stone surface to show the contrast between textures.
The wedding rings, photographed on a stone surface to show the contrast in textures

The groom’s buttonhole flower and cravat. The men wore different pastel shades of cravat, pink, blue and yellow.Detail of the groom's buttonhole flower and blue cravat

Mark seemed very relaxed before the wedding, chatting with the guests in the church. any casual unposed times like this make for great photosCasual candid photography of the groom chatting with wedding guests before the ceremony at church

I like to find ways of framing photos, here with the tree branches above.The bride with her dad and bridesmaids outside church before the wedding ceremony

The church had a mezzanine floor that I photographed the entrance of the bride from. With a wide-angle lens this was a very striking image.The bride's entrance to the church, down the aisle, photographed from an elevated position from the mezanine. Wide angle lens

The priest at Corpus Christi church, Collier Row, was very welcoming and said I could move to the front when I wanted. Imoved to the front through a side door and took photographs of parents and close family watching the wedding ceremonyFamily sitting in pews, watching the ceremony

The rows of pews make a nice composition as they get increasing defocussed  as they get towards the camera.The bride and groom at the top of the aisle, during the wedding. Pews in the foreground, crucifix on the wall behind, Corpus Christi Church, Collier Row The bride and groom walking dow the aisle together as husband and wife after the wedding ceremony at Corpus Christi church, Collier Row |The bride and groom kissing after the wedding ceremony, in the church doorway

The wedding party stayed back at the church while a lot of the guests made their way to the reception venue. I took a few of the group photos here. Walking with arms linked made for a fun phtooPhotography of the whole wedding party walking with  arms linked The family had made loads of sparkers on sticks, expressly for this photo to be set up! It made for some fun photos!bride and groom walking through a n aisle of family members waviing streamers the bride and groom having a kiss while family members wave streamers

Back at Top Meadow Golf Club the wedding guests mingled for a good while, while I took casual atmospheric photographs, until the time was right to take the bride and groom away for some photographs around the golf club. Photos of the bride and groom range from very casual, walking photographs, through a little bit of posing. Hopefully the whole time keeping the feel very relaxed and comfortable Photography at Top Meadow Golf Club, of the bride and groom, trees behind Relaxed posing of the bride and groom at Top Meadow Golf club Bride and groom wedding photography at Top Meadow Golf Club Bride and groom heads together

this shot came out great, just picking out the blue sky, relaxed posing and wide horizonWedding Photography with  blue sky and clouds above Bride and groom holding hands

Photography of the bride in the sunshine

One of the bushes was full of blossom, so I made sure to use it for a focus. Anything like this that has a dotty effect comes out especially well with a short depth of fieldPhotography  of the bride and groom in front of blossom

I made use the the pond at Top Meadow Golf Club, surrounded by tall grassesWedding Photography from across a pond, bride and groom posed on the oposite side Bride and groom walking on opposite side of of pond

Mark and Eva had some light-up initial letters for their reception, they were a great touch Large initial letters M and E with lightbulbs

I thought the lace on this cake was a very pretty touch. Also the ribbons tied in to the wedding colours, pink blue and yellow, to match the cravats and bridesmaid’s dresses

Detailed wedding cake, with pastel coloured bows, pink, blue and yellow

Wedding Photography at Top Meadow Golf Club, by Ben Brown of Lavenham Photographic