Here’s some highlights from a wedding I photographed at Boreham house, on a crisp November day!
slide001Always an impressive sight, the front of Boreham house viewed across its huge lake!

slide004 slide024Chris’ son was his Best Man

slide025The pillars at the front are a great setting for photographs!

slide026I love to use stone textured like this to show the contrast between stone and the rings, before the wedding rings go onto fingers to remain forever more!

slide030I try to capture every detail on the day – the shoes are often not seen, so I make sure I photograph them!

slide032 slide046 slide047 slide050The classic ‘Reservioir Dogs’ photo!

Mirrors are a great way to frame a photograph.

slide060The bedroom at Boreham house is a very handsome backdrop for photographs!


I make sure the mirror in the background is set to show a secondary angle of the bride for this photo
Wonderful natural light in the ceremony room. I prefer not to use flash during a ceremony unless the photo calls for it.
Obviously image quality is a huge priority, so I’ll use it if I need to!slide081

slide084I have various lenses on-hand during the ceremony, I love switching to a fisheye to get the whole room in the photograph!

slide089 slide090And I switch to a 70-200mm lens as the rings are about to go on. A shot from this angle, especially with the natural light spilling in from the side, is always a great photo of the wedding dress detail

slide092 slide095From my angle at the front of the room, I try to capture expressions of the guests as well.

slide096 slide100The main doorway is a simple but elegant place for photos – just after the ceremony I don’t like to take the bride & groom away from their guests for too long right away, but a few photos ‘fresh’ from the ceremony can be nice

slide103 slide104 slide107 slide108Lovely warm, low light at this time of year. It was important to me to get the angle right to include the warm background, also the wedding car

slide110 slide112 slide115 slide117 slide120 slide122 slide123 slide124 slide143Group photographs on the steps – it’s great not to have to take the guests too far from where they are mingling when the group photos come around

slide146 slide149 slide152 slide160I love to include architectural details in the photos too – this wooden carving by the doorway of the ceremony room is lovely!

slide162 slide163 slide167Again, more low winter light in the background here. An angle that shows the rear detail of the dress very well!

slide168 slide171A very casual pose, sitting on the groom’s lap.

slide173 slide174When I de-focus the background, I love to keep some detail on the same plane as the subject, here the leaves on the right hand side of the frame share the focal plane too. Also the sun glinting through under the bride’s chin – a rear ‘walking off into the sunset’ pose!

slide176 slide180 slide187Again, capturing all the details of the day, I make sure I photograph the dining room before guests are seated, capturing details of the place setting etc too

slide189 slide192 slide193 slide194