Becky & Dave’s wedding was in the lovely church in the village of Fornham, with the reception at Bedford Lodge. Stopping under a tree on the way back to Bedford Lodge with their vintage Rolls Royce wedding car, we got some classic feeling wedding photos, with a very happy and relaxed feel290511slide002 290511slide004 290511slide006 290511slide010 290511slide014 290511slide015 290511slide018 290511slide019 290511slide023 290511slide025 290511slide030 290511slide031 290511slide033 290511slide052 290511slide055 290511slide061 290511slide062 290511slide063 290511slide068 290511slide074 290511slide083 290511slide114 290511slide124 290511slide127 290511slide129 290511slide130 290511slide132 290511slide134 290511slide141 290511slide151 290511slide155 290511slide166 290511slide167 290511slide169 290511slide170